Greetings! Welcome to the Masters of Public Health for Health Professionals (MPH|HP) program in Health Promotion and Education at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.  We’re delighted that you’re considering a graduate degree in public health while still continuing your commitment to maintain your full-time career. 

Concerned with social and behavioral research applied to health, health promotion, and public health practice, our focus is on programs, policies, and actions that can promote health in the context of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental factors. Of particular interest is how social and cultural factors, social programs, the health care system, and social policies influence health beliefs and perceptions, health behaviors, and health status within populations.  

As the only MPH program in Health Promotion and Education for working professionals, the MPH|HP program attracts a competitive pool of outstanding students from around the country with diverse backgrounds, unified by a shared passion to improve public health locally and globally.  One of the hallmarks of our program is that we create a learning environment that emphasizes a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to the root causes of public health problems, while instilling the skills necessary to develop innovative and practical solutions effecting positive social change. 

Our graduates generally assume positions in the planning, administration and evaluation of public health programs and policies, both in the United States and abroad, with the mission of maintaining and improving the health of individuals, families, communities and populations. 

One of the many strengths of our program is our exceptional faculty; public health scholars and practitioners in clinical, social and/or behavioral sciences.  MPH|HP faculty are committed to excellence as teachers and mentors, and many are also leading exciting programs of research and public health practice which they translate into the student experience in the classroom.  In addition to our talented students and faculty, we are fortunate to have dedicated staff who work closely with our students to ensure that they have an exceptional educational experience.

It is an honor to be the Director of this program. I invite you to tour our website, familiarize yourself with our program and schedule, visit the profiles of our faculty, current students and alumni and attend one of our information sessions.  I am confident that our program, faculty, staff and learning opportunities will prove to be a worthy investment in your career.  I hope you will choose to apply and become a part of the MPH|HP program.

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Shira Shafir, PhD, MPH
Director, MPH for Health Professionals
Department of Community Health Sciences
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health